Vials. Medical Device Supplier?

The whole relationship started out so easily. You had what Hollywood calls a “meet cute” near the coffee table at a medical device trade show. At lunch the next day you found out that both of your companies had a number of commonalities within the industry. You made arrangements to discuss moving forward over dinner. By the last day of the show, you both felt you were ready to take things to the next level.

At the beginning, everything was easy. You were each trying hard to please the other. Little expressions of compatibility were shared. The relationship blossomed. Soon, you both thought you were ready for the next step; a long-term exclusive contract. This commitment was serious.

Over time, however, you and your supplier both seemed to drift apart. They started missing a deadline here and there. Nothing serious, we all make mistakes. Soon some of the products became out of spec and they slipped through QC. Before you knew it, you found yourself looking longingly at other medical device injection molding companies for a true partnership potential. You just needed more. You have a few surreptitious meetings with “the others” but you feel guilty and break things off before it goes too far. You’re looking for something new but it feels disloyal somehow. You feel like you’re stuck and there’s no way out. You’re at a dead end.

Business relationships can sometimes be compared to interpersonal relationships. Every business union follows an arc and some of those unions are destined for a breakup. Just like in life, it’s usually not a specific fault or failing, sometimes two businesses just grow at different rates. Perhaps your product line has shifted, or you’re branching into new markets. Sometimes your supplier is acquired or goes out of business. No matter how you get to this point, sometimes you just need to grow in a different direction.

In a perfect business world it should be easy enough to obtain a “business divorce”. Perhaps all you need to do is have a frank conversation. It is possible to have an amicable parting of ways. If both parties agree, it should be relatively easy to mutually end the association and/or contract. Of course there are other, more protracted and painful, ways to accomplish this. But hopefully you won’t need to go that route.

Now it’s on to finding a new medical device injection molding partner. That could be as easy as asking for new quotes from suppliers you have already spoken with about meeting your needs. Or it may involve a little research to find the right partner. Either way it can be a fresh start. And it can reinvigorate your business.

Polymer Conversions can be the medical device injection molding extension of your business.

We provide world-class quality and highly technical contract manufacturing solutions for medical devices and other precision thermoplastic & silicone products. You benefit from the full-service processes of tight-tolerance tooling, molding, assembly, decorating and packaging of Class 7 (10,000) and Class 8 (100,000) medical device/healthcare products.  You also have access to our advanced engineering team who are specialists in our industry and can partner with your team to help solve difficult issues.  They can assist with design for manufacturability, metal to plastic part conversions, materials selection, streamlining the manufacturing process, and part/process validations.

For those of you looking for customized medical device injection molding, perhaps it is time for you to check out Polymer Conversions. With more than 37 years of evolving experience, you’ll get the proactivity, flexibility and the customer service you deserve.

If you have specific questions, please contact Mr. Benjamin Harp at 716-662-8550 ext. 504 / for prompt attention to your needs. We’re here to help your business and innovative medical device portfolio grow. Let’s talk about a partnership with real long-term potential!