The Challenge

Find a way to reduce the cost of the Lense Dial Product. The systems must:

  • Help the customer remain competitive.
  • Help in their efforts to grow their business.
  • Increase the overall quality of the product.

Features of the part:

  1. The dial assembly has 4 different printed lense variations. These variations are used to accommodate different types of tanks, which indicate propane levels.
  2. The lenses are multi-colored (some 2 color, some 3 color). This allows the reader to quickly and accurately measure the level of each tank.
  3. Each pointer used per assembly has a magnet that is magnetized and 100% tested before final assembly.
  4. Dial assemblies are ultrasonically welded, welds are hermetically tested and each part is tested for proper operation before shipping.

The Solution

Polymer was able to suggest and implement the following to ensure Sherwood’s success:

  • Polymer engineers re-designed the assembly, converting 4 metal parts to 1 plastic part. In doing so, the accompanying operational steps were eliminated. The finished dial is now shipped as a complete assembly rather than separate components.
  • The suggestion by PCI to print graduations on the opposite side of the lense, eliminated the normal wear and tear that occurred out in the field due to external forces such as weather and nature.
  • Asking to move the full assembly from the customer’s location to ours, helped to further cut costs and allowed Polymer to utilize its full range of in-house capabilities.