The Challenge

Keeping the customer as an industry leader and their business growing. Increase the overall quality of the product while keeping in-line with the following issues:

  • Safety: Loud damaging noise is suppressed.
  • Comfort: Less than 2 oz. and adjustable.
  • Quality: No distortion of sound; Block harmful noise but allows speech and other useful sounds to be heard.
  • Convenience: Folds for easy storage or can drop around the neck while not in use.

The Solution

Design Improvements and Cost Savings

PCI suggestions eliminated 2 molded components and one assembly operations.

Injection Molding

Scientific process monitoring and high-quality, precision molding improved part quality by 70% over our competitor’s efforts.

Complete Device Assembly

Polymer’s adjusted hermetic seal weld and high-tech machinery improved sound attenuation and device performance.

Final Consumer Packaging

We offered comprehensive packing services to optimize point-of-sale supply chain.