Polymer Turns 38!

Polymer Celebrates 38 Years!

38 Year Celebratory drink

March 5th, 2017 marked Polymer Conversion’s 38th anniversary.  Once again we’d like to take the time to thank all of those that have helped make the Bertsch Family’s vision come true. A heart-felt THANK YOU, to our Hardworking Employees – without your daily contributions our successes would not have been possible. We hope that we can continue to keep you as part of our PCI family well into the future.

Cheers to our Valued Customers – We truly hope that we can continue to partner with you for many years to come!  We are honored that you have chosen us to be an integral part of your team.

Thank you Suppliers – For your continued service and assistance in helping us achieve our customers’ needs.

To our local community – we are humbled by the love you all show to our many families.  Allowing us the opportunity to give back and contribute towards making our area the high-tech community it can be is important to us.  We look forward to helping our area grow and prosper, and are excited to see what the future holds.

Master Mold Team

Bravo on a perfect score!

RJG E-Dart

Did you know that all of Polymer’s Molding Process Engineers not only are degreed engineers, but also certified Master Molders, and have passed RJG’s rigorous 2-week course?

RJG is well-known in our industry for providing training for process personnel to understand & perform scientific molding techniques. Enrollees get a hands-on format, either at the RJG facility or in their own plant, and learn how to fine-tune process control for robust, repeatable & reproducible processing of plastic components. Although our team has a firm grasp on tight-tolerance processing going into the training (and have all aced the course with perfect scores, except one with a 98%), we still like to send them so they learn how others process & see what other process control systems are like.

Each of our process engineers work on our customers’ process/product validations, perform equipment validations & help with software validations, dial-in currently approved production runs for the machine & tool’s highest performance, help with internal audits, assist project engineers with new programs, and assist QA with product disposition.

We want to take this time to congratulate our most recent certified Master Molder, Nat (Nathaniel) Hintz, on his PERFECT score, and say how proud we are of ALL of our process techs & process engineers for the outstanding work they perform on our customers’ behalf, on a daily basis.

Welcome, New Customer!

On behalf of babies everywhere, your device rocks!

Medi-Pals supplied samples

Polymer is honored to work with new customer Medi-Pals that produces infant drug delivery systems used by parents, and more recently, pediatric nurses in NICU hospital wings. This innovative product was created by a husband & wife team that had first-hand experience watching nutrition & medicines being administered to their daughter that was born 3 months early.  This creative design helps to engage and calm the infant, while keeping them from spitting the medicine back out, ensuring that they get the proper dosage.

No parent wants to see fear in their child’s eyes.  Heck, even as adults we cringe at the sight of syringes, even when they’re needleless.  The unique split design of the nipple allows medicine to direct into the cheeks, avoiding the taste buds and eliminating the automatic gag reflex that happens with ordinary syringe dispensers that push medicine to the back of the throat.

“The Medi-Pals kid-friendly, disposable medication dispensers feel familiar, are easy to use and provide safe, accurate dosing.”  For more information on this latex & BPA-free product, visit: http://www.medi-pals.com/index.php

On behalf of the Polymer Team, “Thank You” for choosing us as your partner, and “Welcome” to the PCI Family!

Website Facelifts

It’s Makeover Time...


We lean out our business processes, so why not lean out our marketing and advertising strategies, right?  Everyone knows that as technology and business climates change, so must the way we look at things.  As businesses shift towards paperless goals and digital processes, strategies must also shift to maintain a high level of relevancy to the market.

The month of March will be busy with the re-building of the websites behind the seen, and once we are ready to go live, we will make announcements on our LinkedIn corporate pages for both companies.  Make sure to follow us and connect with our teammates so that you can see the latest news and technology from the Polymer & SILIKON teams!

Next Issue Topics

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