Polymer’s C.O.O., Mr. Ben Harp, writes a letter to the MAPP membership as the new President of the Board of Directors for 2016.  The article can also be found on the bottom of pg. 17 in Plastics Business magazine’s 10th Anniversary edition.  www.plasticsbusinessmag.com/

The letter speaks to the difficulties of attaining new employees that are already highly skilled in our industry.  There is a noticeable lack of trade-schools and programs throughout the country due to budget cuts, and that seriously hurts high-tech manufacturing companies such as Polymer Conversions, Inc.

The other piece of the puzzle is improving the skill levels of current employees, by creating training programs that compliment the latest changes happening in our industry.

The MAPP (Manufacturers Association for Plastics Processors) organization hopes to collectively pool feedback from its members, in order to create a resource for all to use, to identify areas of improvement within their organization.

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MAPP letter - Ben 2016








MAPP Letter to Membership