Polymer & SILIKON Tech at Drug Development and Delivery Summit

April 6-7, 2016 Drug Development and Delivery Innovation Networking Summit - Hilton Parsippany, NJ


Did you know that Polymer Conversions & SILIKON Technologies will be exhibiting with top global Drug Development and Delivery device innovators?  Connect with us; we'd love the opportunity to discuss your critical-to-life  product portfolios and learn where your corporate goals are planning to take you for 2016 and beyond.....give us the opportunity to show that we can be the long-term, full-service medical injection molder that helps you get there!


The conference was developed for this reason:

"Drug Development & Delivery’s Innovation Networking Summit connects technology and service innovators/providers with R&D, pre-formulation, formulation development, business development, product life-cycle management, and corporate management professionals from the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries." 


As a silver sponsor we will be located in the main entrance hall with the other Life Science companies listed below.

Drug Development & Delivery


Who Should Attend?

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology professionals seeking partnership and development opportunities from Exhibitors showcasing the latest innovations and advancements in:



Delivery Systems

Platform & Drug Product

Bioavailability/Solubility Enhancement

Drug Targeting



Polymers & Biomaterials


Contract Services

Formulation Development

Particle Design

Molecule Development



Central Lab


Drugs in Development

(Co-Development/Marketing Opportunities)


Clinical-Stage Drug Products

Small Molecules

Combination Drugs


Personalized Medicine

Orphan Drugs

PCI opens Silicone Injection Molding facility

The new facility, opening October 1, 2014 will offer precision Silicone Injection Molding services focused on the tight tolerance components required by high-tech OEM’s and start-ups in the Healthcare, Aerospace & Electronics industries.
Located just minutes from PCI, SILIKON Technologies will utilize the latest advances in processing, equipment and automation to deliver the high quality and precision capabilities customers require. SILIKON will also have an ISO 13485 quality management system, strict process controls, and full commitment to advanced manufacturing methods. Customer satisfaction, a high level of product performance, and broad-based knowledge will lay the foundation for the company’s growth.
Director of Silicone Operations, Patrick Meheran (pmeheran@silikontechnologies.com), and Sales contact Ryan Case (rcase@silikontechnologies.com, cell 716-713-4889) are ready and waiting to discuss exciting new opportunities with your team.
For more information, please visit: www.silikontechnologies.com

Silicone Injection Molding now offered by Polymer Conversions

Polymer Conversions Inc. launched a sister company for silicone injection molding, SILIKON Technologies LLC., with the opening of its facility on Oct. 1, 2014.

The SILIKON Tech building is located about three miles away from Polymer Conversions, said Patrick Meheran, director of silicone operations at SILIKON.

The 3,750-sq.-ft.-facility will offer precision silicone injection molding services that are focused on the tight tolerance components aimed at the health care, aerospace and electronics industries.

Polymer Conversions saw a niche for a silicone molder that could replicate its thermoplastics validation process. That's where the idea of Silikon Technologies emerged.

Silikon expects to place somewhere up to five machines in this facility over the next five years, but currently has an Arburg all-electric 110-ton machine, a GraCo fluid automation pump system and Frigel chillers.

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