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Achieving Excellence in Medical Device Contract Manufacturing

Polymer’s World-class Equipment

How does Polymer Conversions achieve world-class medical contract manufacturing?  One advantage, is our use of a Frigel Microgel Closed-Loop Cooling System during the injection molding process.

Medical Device OEM’s demand incredibly high quality and industry-Polymer uses Frigel Ecodry central cooling system that ensures optimal efficiency critical for pre-clinical validations & device practices from those supplying critical manufacturing services.  Polymer expects to keep up with those demands by investing in the technology that our experienced team knows will bring the best results.

That’s where the Frigel partnership comes in.  Polymer Conversions only purchases brand new, world-class equipment.  We also validate that machinery prior to first use.  Bringing this new system online helped us replace an aging, outdoor cooling tower and provided us with more consistent water temperatures for mold and part cooling.  It also helped us achieve optimal cycle times and less limescale buildup in water lines at each press.  An added bonus – it leaves a much smaller environmental impact on our community, and lends itself to a more efficient preventative maintenance program.

Anyone who’s worked with Polymer, knows that we take great care in keeping all of our equipment and the facility in an “as new” condition.  This system helps us stay on task with those goals.

For more detailed information on why this closed-loop system is important to Polymer, read Plastics News’s article on the Frigel-Polymer relationship:

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Custom Injection Molder helps inventor successfully market device

A new product and a new partnership are leading to success for custom injection molder Polymer Conversions Inc. and its customer, SensGard LLC, maker of hearing protection devices. Rob DiNardo and Greg Post, co-founders of SensGard LLC in Fairport, NY, obtained an exclusive license from Syracuse University to manufacture, market, and sell a technologically advanced hearing protection device developed by Jozef Zwislocki, a former Harvard Fellow from Switzerland, former professor at Syracuse University, and research fellow who founded the Institute for Sensory Research. Zwislocki maintains an office at Syracuse University.

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